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Mini-grams are a new way to give a fun, unique and meaningful gift to the ones that you love. 

They’re sort of like singing telegrams, where someone comes to your house and sings a love song or gives a performance, except instead of singing a popular song from a catalogue, we write and produce an original song and send it to you!

Getting serenaded totally rocks, but not everyone has the time to learn an instrument, let alone write a song! With Mini-grams you’ll be able to give your friends and family a gift they’ll remember for life! 

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1. Answer the questionnaire below and hit send 

2. We’ll email you confirm your pricing and delivery date (most Mini-grams take between 2 - 8 days start to finish) 

3. Follow up to approve the quote and delivery date

4. You’ll receive a link to the song we created to confirm before we send it to the gift recipient 

5. Your friend or family member will receive a  link to their song!

6. Their mind is blown and they fall on the floor

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Melanie Taylor- Toronto ON


“My son Ben was excited about his 6th birthday, he’s been getting really into superheroes and marvel comics recently, he’s especially into Spider-Man and Superman. He loves to go on little adventures to test his super strength powers and I thought he’d really like a song where it’s like a superhero theme or something for Benjamin. We listened to  his Mini-gram and he has been running around the living room making fight sound effects with his song on repeat for the last hour.”

Mike Bennett - Toronto ON

“It was my mom’s birthday last month. I used to make her personalized cards when I was a kid but I’ve strayed from the homemade route anytime I’ve celebrated a birthday over the last decade or so. I’ve had trouble with my memory since I was young and she’s always helped me find ways to keep pace with my things - just a few months ago I nearly missed a flight because I had misplaced my documents, but she called me to help me retrace my steps and remember where they were. It reminded me how much she’s always done and how much I appreciate her support. I wanted to give her something extra special this year and I was lucky to be able to get the help from Kai and his Mini-grams”   

Ken Smith, - Toronto ON

“My daughter Emily loves few things in this world more than dancing, Taylor swift, and having “popcorn parties” at her school with her friends. She comes up with dances to do with her friends all the time, then she puts on a big show for me and her mom and asks if we can go and buy smarties afterwards. She doodles animals (mostly whales) on everything and always makes up a story for her character. Unfortunately, here have been a few girls at her school making fun of her in the past weeks - we’ve been trying to encourage her to keep dancing and drawing to her hearts content as much as possible - I was thinking it would be fantastic to give Emily a song, like a birthday anthem or something that gave a similar kind of encouragement. We are so glad to have this song”


Adam Samuels - Toronto ON

“I wanted to give my wife Laura a gift for our 40th anniversary…. We dance together in the park every Saturday to swing and barbershop tunes, so I wanted to send her a song that reminded her of this. Once she heard the song she loved it so much that we’ve been humming it together all the time, and we dance even more!”

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As a small collection of independent artists, the cost of a Mini-gram reflects our approximate hourly rates as songwriters and producers.

Vocals + 1 instrument 

 (Standard production)

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 10.16.24 PM.png

Something light and sweet! Great for short songs or a nice message


Vocals + 1-4 Instruments (Elevated production) 

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 10.16.34 PM.png

This includes a fuller sounding band performance, with multiple layers and more than one vocalist


Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 10.17.11 PM.png

Vocals, 5+ Instruments (Venturing into new themes and worlds)

Bigger production and a variety of musical layers - something that sounds like it was written and performed a specific artist (like Emily’s Taylor Swift style pop song) or comes from a distinct musical world (like Benjamin’s cinematic, orchestral superhero theme).


The prices above are approximate - the cost varies based on what you're looking for, message us for more information!

Image by Chris Abney
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Thanks for submitting!

Mini-grams are not for commercial use! Just gifts :)

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